Weekend Recap

I had such a fun time this weekend.  Friday and Saturday was a celebration of TWO birthdays, my friends Ci and Paula.  They are part of my Crossfit group of friends, which are quite the crazy bunch, and always a good time!  We hit Downtown Melbourne for dinner, then pretty much bar hopped the rest of the night.  Saturday was an extension of Friday, in usual birthday weekend fashion!  Here are a couple pictures

Sunday, I spent most of my day running errands and cleaning up around my house before Tater came over for a morning show girls viewing of the MTV Music Video Awards.  We ate our weight in food.  I even baked cookies!!  One thing you should know about me…I’m not a very good girl when it comes to being girly.  I just started learning how to really do make-up, I never cook, bake, hate cleaning, and never want to get married…I don’t know, I think a lot of you are with me!  Anyway, the cookies were FANTASTIC, check out some pictures below.  We had a blast, and as far as the actual show goes, we were in shock along with everyone else at the Miley’s performance.  I won’t even get into that…considering we have done that enough on the show.  But man oh man did we have a full on FREAK OUT when N*Sync reunited.  I mean literally, our voices raised about 6 octaves higher than we have ever reached.

Honestly, we weren’t too impressed with the rest of the show, but we still had a great time watching it all the way through, even re watching the beginning after.  Considering the first showing didn’t end until 11:30, you can imagine how our mornings went, having to get into work at 5 am.  Let’s just say, ful bellies and all, it wasn’t our easiest morning.

What did YOU do??  I CAN’T WAIT for this weekend, it’s a long one, and an extra long one for me as I will be taking Friday off!!  Alright loves, more later.  Make it a FANTASTIC week <3 <3 <3       


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