Halo Salt Cave


Switching to a natural salt bar will help you reduce acne and inflamation of the skin?
The salt helps to gently exfoliate the skin, while detoxing and helping to balance the oils.

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DID YOU KNOW, that our feet have the LARGEST pores in our entire body?

We are exposed to nasty toxins everyday from the air we breath, to the food we eat.

A great way to purge some of these Toxins is through a detoxifying foot bath!

You can actually see the water color change as the toxins exit your body! It’s Amazing!

TEACHERS – to show appreciation and give you a reason to RELAX this first week back

Halo Salt Cave is offering a FREE 45 minute Halotherapy session in their salt cave with the purchase of a detoxifying foot bath. Through Sunday only!

Visit HaloSaltCafeFL.com


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