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Get information on the before/during/after if a Hurricane ever threatens our corner of Paradise here in Brevard County…sponsored by FPL.

HURRICANE:  Storm Prep Checklist

HURRICANE: Storm Prep Checklist

A storm preparation checklist We’re prepared for storm season and urge our customers to prepare, as well. Keep your family safe with a plan that includes evacuation routes, special medical needs, important phone numbers and supplies. The following checklist can help you and your family stay prepared for impending storms this hurricane season: Develop your…MORE

HURRICANE: Staying In Touch with FPL

HURRICANE: Staying In Touch with FPL

Staying in touch with FPL following a storm When outages occur, FPL knows customers want and need information on when their power will be restored. FPL will provide updated restoration time estimates and other progress reports via mobile if a storm strikes: Website: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: FPL’s outage page: FPL’s…MORE

HURRICANE:  Generator Safety

HURRICANE: Generator Safety

Generator Safety Read and follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines when using a generator to avoid dangerous shortcuts and ensure safe operation. DO NOT directly connect your generator to your home’s breaker or fuse box. Power from a generator connected to a home’s wiring will “back feed” into utility lines – which can severely injure or kill…MORE


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